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"Moderating conversations and debates is my passion and expertise."

How can I be meaningful to you?


As political scientist I am quickly aware of what is relevant. I ask the right questions, respond to actualities and I am socially involved. You can commission me for live and online sessions/gatherings. I moderate strategic boardroom sessions, participation evenings as well as talk shows.

Conference Host

Next to moderating conversations, you can also ask me to be your conference host for live communication events. I confront and activate/provoke, and create bridges between the substantive subjects, the speakers, and the audience. I easily switch between Dutch and English, as well as between different topics and demographics.


Ik help je ook graag als coach en psycholoog. Wil je je persoonlijk leiderschap vergroten? Dan gaan we aan de slag met het vinden van je kracht én hoe je die laat zien. Zodat je congruent raakt met de positie waar je in zit en met wie je werkelijk bent. Wil je meer weten ga dan naar mijn andere bedrijf PraktijkInBeeld.nl

How do I work?

Because of my enthusiastic commitment, I already start my work behind the scenes. What is the conversation supposed to be about? For what demographic? How do we envision a good program? How do we make sure we keep a positive energy flowing? As strategic advisor I like to think along the substantive roadmap.

During the substantive preparation I think along at conceptual as well as strategic level. My years of experience, also as trainer and coach, have given me a widespread toolkit of interactive ways of working. I host talk shows, congresses, dialogues, debates, and webinars, for the profit as well as the non-profit industry. Live as well as online.

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The past 14 years I have been actively involved with big and small dossiers pertaining to society. Because of my experience with so many different topics I am able to make surprising relations, which can offer structure, relatability, and insight to the audience.

As moderator I manage issues wherein many stakeholders and interests are involved. I have been involved with conferences concerned with the corona crisis, de housing market, child protective services, the future of the financial business, childcare allowance, the energy transition, and the future of our retirement system. Besides these commissions, I also lead conversations without an audience, such as strategic boardroom sessions and stakeholder meetings.

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It is important to me to be able to add a personal touch to my work as moderator. This means I don’t shy away from confrontation. I critically enter conversations with directors, politicians, ministers and CEOs in a constructive manner. My background in politics and psychology is very useful here.

I am not sensitive to conventions, but to relationality. Are people still engaged? Do they still understand what the conversation is about? Does it need to be simplified? Do I need to keep the pace? Or do I need to slow down, make it more abstract? I relate subjects, speakers, and guests with each other with passion and compassion. I act with conviction, flair and personal attention. My incisiveness and creativity put forward an exciting experience for the audience.

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As life coach I consider people in their entirety. Are you a professional who wants to break through patterns? Do you think it is time to fully connect to your power? Together we will work towards becoming confident in what you really stand for and who you really are.

My sessions are focused on your experiences. You bring your own situations to the table and together we consider how you handled and with what intention. I stimulate and confront in order to – with kindness – draw connections between you as a person and your leadership skills. Herewith I work with Transactional analysis, which is a personal development and communication model, from a systemic viewpoint. I use this method structurally as well as functionally during individual training sessions and team development processes. I use this method because it is always about your interaction with others. The unconscious bonds that tie us to different societal systems have great influence on how we function.

Coaching process

A personal coaching process consists, based on your needs, of 3 to 8 sessions of 1¼ hours. I work from different coaching houses in the Netherlands. Online coaching is of course also possible.

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What kind of conversations do I moderate?

Checkout live broadcastings and webinars

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Compilatie 2021

This compilation shows my work in the last year.


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Supply Chain Talks – Port Of Rotterdan

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DRIVE  Health

october 2020

Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE 2020- session on Health. About the development of a joint vision of the future by citizens and healthcare professionals, in which the human side of healthcare is safeguarded.

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What do others say about me?

Jeroom Remmers
Jeroom RemmersManaging Director at TAPP Coalition
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Anouschka Laheij was an excellent moderator for the elections debate about the agriculture- and nutrition transition on 1 February 2021 with (candidate-)parliamentarians of the VVD, CDA, D66, CU, PvdA, and GL. Thanks to her professionalism, flair, momentum, experience and vigour, the debate was substantially as well as communicatively a great success!
Monique Rook
Monique RookDirecteur Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP)
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Anouschka has guided our NIP-congress excellently as conference host. She considers the perspective of the visitors when preparing, she is incredibly experienced in her role, she is active in leading the conversation and she does that with a catchy energy, humour, and pace. She connects audience, content, program, and organisation in a good way.
Hans Nieuwlands
Hans NieuwlandsOwner of Interim Audit Management at Interim Audit Management
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What a woman of her profession! Anouschka was a fantastic host for the two-day congress of the Internal Auditors Institute (IIA). Incredibly involved from the preparations onwards, very well prepared, positively critical, great follow-up questions, incites the participation of her audience with a sense of humour and spontaneity. It was lovely to work with her!
Eric van HallCommission member EFR Business Week Conference Platform
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I was impressed by the way in which Anouschka filled in her role as host at the EFR Business Week Conference Platform. Not only did she introduce the speaker well prepared, she also asked very intelligent questions. She visibly considered it her responsibility to make a success of the entire event, not only of her own role.
Marike Bontenbal Ph.D.
Marike Bontenbal Ph.D.Senior Policy Advisor Science & Innovation at Netherlands Commission for UNESCO
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Anouschka moderated our online series of lectures ‘UNESCO Masterclass’, organised collaboratively with the National UNESCO Commission and the Open University. Anouschka is a very competent moderator who made every subject of the Masterclass her own by making the academic content accessible to the audience. She is approachable, committed and stands for quality.
Maaike Veenbrink-Dijk
Maaike Veenbrink-DijkAssistant manager at Ronald McDonald House Zuidoost-Brabant
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What a professional! Highly recommendable if you need a host who keeps the pace, works interactively, and keeps people centred. Working with Anouschka is a pleasure, she is approachable, veers easily in different directions and she is flexible. She also thinks along during preparations, making sure the program offers enough variety.


About Anouschka

I studied Political Sciences and Psychology in Amsterdam. After years of employment, I started my own business in 2007. I now live in the political heart of the Netherlands together with my husband and our three young-adult children.

Naast mijn werk als gespreksleider heb ik ook mijn eigen psychologen praktijk  Ook ben ik bestuurlijk en maatschappelijk actief. Zo heb ik onderzoek verricht naar de ontwikkeling van burgerschap in de townships van Zuid-Afrika. Voor Amnesty International en het Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek heb ik gastlessen verzorgd op middelbare scholen en ben ik gecertificeerd trainer Aanpak Kindermishandeling. In mijn jonge jaren heb ik meegewerkt aan huiskamerprojecten voor sekswerkers in Den Haag. Ook ben ik bestuurlijk actief geweest als voorzitter van de Zonnebloem en de stichting SHOP en als toezichthouder bij de stichting Kopwerk-Schooltij.

Anouschka in beeld

Laheij in the media

In episode 28 I had the honor of being a guest in the podcast Speakers Guild by program maker Maurits Ouweneel. In this series he will talk to the best speakers and moderators in the Netherlands. Join me and listen?

’10 jaar a Laheij’ is about the many sides of my life as journalistic moderator and conference host.

Do you want to receive a copy?
Order ’10 jaar a Laheij’ at managmentboek.nl. (only available in Dutch)

For ‘Ministeries voor de Nieuwe Tijd’ (governments of the new times) I wrote the chapter ‘Ministerie voor Verbinding’ (Ministry for Connection) From the perspective of connection I offer five proposals for the New Times. (only available in Dutch)


For more information and bookings mail or call me, or my assistant.

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